While many thought processes slow down with age, research has shown that you can rejuvenate your brain with a program consisting of specialized physical, cognitive and social activities. Memory Fitness(R) has delivered memory improvement classes to nearly 11,000 seniors in Ottawa, Canada since 2014. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic restrictions, Memory Fitness has continued to provide activity sheets to participating locations and is now offering classes through ZOOM!

The Memory Fitness program incorporates physical and cognitive exercise and socialization. 

  • Physical exercise improves heart and lung function, priming the brain for learning. We offer gentle cardio routines at the beginning of each class.

  • Cognitive training creates new connections in the brain. We offer a variety of fun activities that stimulate the senses and brain functions.

  • Socialization enhances the cognitive exercise experience and helps strengthen learning. We encourage social interaction during the sessions.  

Our Program

Memory Fitness(R) group sessions are fun and interactive. They start off with physical exercise to prime the brain for learning. This is followed by the cognitive exercises and social interaction to rejuvenate the brain further. An enthusiastic Brain Trainer leads cognitive exercise classes that start at the individual's current level of ability and increase in difficulty as the client progresses. Groups typically have 5 – 12 participants.

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Contact us through this site,

by email at  maria@memoryfitness.ca 

or call Maria at 613-723-9256


"I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you for your wonderful job. Not only for the class itself, but for the way you conduct them and interact with the clients.They always come to say how great you both are.I’m glad they are in such good hands. Thank you! -- Ana Valença, The Good Companions, Day Centre Coordinator" 

It did open my eyes that I can improve" -- Gaetana 

"I have, in fact, changed my habits quite extensively as a result of this program and hope for continuing improvement."-- Jean